Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta Killstreaks Revealed

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Multiplayer mode brings back Killstreaks instead of Scorestreaks, the performance-based rewards that give players powerful new resources scaling with how many kills they get in a row. Many of these Killstreaks are familiar ones that have been around in pretty much every Call of Duty game, but given how Vanguard returns players to the World War II setting, some of the Killstreaks look a bit different this time around.

During our hands-on experience with the game, we got to see all of the Killstreaks offered in the beta in action. The ones towards the lower end of the Killstreak ladder were naturally more prevalent in our matches with Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes filling the skies pretty much all the time, but we got to see some of the more powerful Killstreaks in action, too. The full list of Killstreaks that we know of so far based on what was seen in the early look at the beta can be found below.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Killstreaks So Far

Intel – 3 Kills
Reveals nearby enemies to the summoning player through repeated pings on the minimap over a short period

Care Package – 4 Kills
Drops a single care package which rewards a random killstreak on pickup

Spy Plane – 4 Kills
Calls in a spy plane which reveals all enemy positions on the minimap to allies. Can be shot down.

Counter Spy Plane – 4 Kills
Calls in a counter spy plane which obscures the minimap for all enemies. Can be shot down.

Glide Bomb – 5 Kills
Drops a bomb whose path can be guided towards enemies, killing them instantly.

Deathmachine – 5 Kills
Equips a machine gun with explosive rounds and a fixed number of bullets. Persists through death until ammo is depleted.

Mortar Barrage – 5 Kills
Toss a flare cannister to mark an area for repeated mortar fire.

Warmachine – 7 Kills
Equips a semi-automatic grenade launcher with a fixed number of grenades. Persists through death until ammo is depleted.

Flamenaut – 9 Kills
Receive a flamethrower with unlimited fuel and a protective suit. Both lost on death.

Attack Dogs – 10 Kills
Summons a pack of attack dogs which target nearby enemies for a period of time.

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they're bringing attack dogs back miss them puppets

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