Saints Row Has Three DLC Episodes Planned After Launch

The upcoming, radically different-looking Saints Row reboot will get at least three post-launch DLCs, Volition confirmed. The company referred to them as “episodes,” and it is currently unknown what they will be about or if the familiar characters from the series will return.

For now, Volition hasn’t made an official announcement, although the DLC plans are listed on the game’s page on Epic Games Store. According to the information, Saints Row will get an Expansion Pass consisting of “three additional episodes” as post-launch DLC.

It is worth noting that listing on EGS indicates fans will get access to the Expansion Pass as part of the game’s Gold Edition. Most likely, Volition will address the subject prior to Saints Row’s release in the next few months.

As usually in such cases, you should expect new episodes to arrive every couple of months after the initial launch. While we currently don’t know how big those expansions will be, we may assume they’ll be influenced by the series’ previous DLC and will bring new stories, new characters, new locations, and new gameplay mechanics to the base game.

While many fans of the franchise are still hoping the familiar faces will make an appearance in the new game, for now, things sound pretty unlikely. Johnny Gat’s voice actor Daniel Dae Kim earlier confirmed his iconic character won’t appear in the upcoming reboot, so it’s probably best to assume all of the game’s heroes will be brand-new.

The Volition team previously revealed that they found it difficult to decide on a new direction for the series after going to hell and space. Therefore, the creators decide to completely reboot the popular franchise, making it more down to earth after the ridiculous antics seen in later entries.

However, shortly after the new Saints Row reboot was unveiled, the developers faced backlash with the debut cinematic trailer being massively ratio’d on YouTube. The company is already aware of the fan mixed reception and said it won’t be “backing down” and “have lots more to show.”

Saints Row will arrive on 25 February 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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I'm always a little hesitant on buying DLC right away for a game like this because there usually isn't a lot with it. With the newer Assassin's Creed games, you get quite a bit of content. I remember past DLCs for Saints Row and similar games were a hit or a miss. That Saints Row The Third Remastered for only $10 extra is catching my eye though. I don't have that one yet. I mean, I just got in for free on Epic, but as someone who at times goes for achievements on Xbox, I'd like it there more so.

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