Pokemon TV Is Now On Switch, Includes Full Episodes Of Anime

Pokemon TV is now available for free on Nintendo Switch and it includes a lot of content from the anime, including movies and TV shows.

The Nintendo Switch might be four years old, but it continues to go from strength to strength. Nintendo recently revealed the console has now shipped more than 89 million consoles worldwide. That's more than the PS3 and also means it is closing in on the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Wii. However, the Switch is by no means perfect, and not just because of Joy-Con drift.

Unlike the Switch's rivals, it doesn't have much in the way of streaming apps to choose from. Four years in and it remains unclear why the console still doesn't have Netflix. Each party claims the ball is in the other's court. That has been remedied somewhat today though as Pokemon TV, a streaming service dedicated to everything Pokemon, is now available on Switch for absolutely nothing.

Pokemon TV features episodes from the anime, some of Pokemon's many movies, and footage from competitive Pokemon championships. If you already have a Pokemon TV account then you should be able to sign in on your Switch once the app has been downloaded. Or if you don't want an account, you can sign in as a guest and get to watching some of your favorite Pokemon shows from the past right away.

Some of the shows from Pokemon's past on Pokemon TV include the original series, as you can see in the trailer above, new Pokemon Journeys, and also the Diamond and Pearl series. The perfect way to prepare for the arrival of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl later this year, other than actually replaying the original games, of course.

The Pokemon Company is well and truly spoiling us this year. Adding Pokemon TV to Switch is just the latest in a very long line of things it has done to celebrate the long-running franchise turning 25. Reprinted Pokemon cards, a song by Katy Perry, not to mention the new games released and the others still to come. There has never been a more exciting time to be a Pokemon fan, and everything done this year should keep fans going until Pokemon turns 30.

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