Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Will be Shown Closer to Launch

At Gamescom Opening Night Live yesterday, Microsoft finally announced a firm release date for Halo Infinite and showed us a cinematic trailer for the game’s first season of multiplayer. Many Halo fans, however. have grown a little concerned about the lack of campaign footage. The last time we saw campaign footage was during the Halo Infinite gameplay reveal last year, at which time it didn’t look the best, and though since then it’s become clear that the game’s multiplayer side of things is shaping up well, there are still big question marks where the campaign is concerned.

As it turns out though, 343 Industries’ head of creative Joseph Staten already addressed the issue in the Development Update video for August, which went up a few days before Gamescom kicked off. As spotted by Pure Xbox, speaking about campaign footage, Staten gave assurances that that will definitely be shown before the game’s launch, though right now, 343 Industries remains focused on polishing up the game for its release, or what they call “shutdown.”

“Everybody wants to see campaign, especially campaign gameplay,” Staten said. “We will absolutely show campaign gameplay before launch, but we just need to stay focused on shutdown mode. Once we’re past that hurdle, we’re going to be going after things like gameplay captures and trailers, that will all be coming a little bit closer to launch.”

Following the news that Halo Infinite will launch without Forge or campaign co-op, it looks more crucial than ever that what it is launching with – the single player campaign and the free-to-play multiplayer – is top notch. Multiplayer is clearly shaping up well so far, so here’s hoping we’re not in the dark about the campaign for much longer.

Halo Infinite launches for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on December 8. Its next multiplayer will include 4v4 and Big Team Battle, though there’s no confirmed date announced for that just yet.

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