Netflix Adds Games, But There's a Catch

Netflix has officially added video games -- actual, straight-up video games -- to the service today. In case you missed it, Netflix recently hired Mike Verdu as vice president of game development as part of a larger plan to offer video games and later announced that video games would be offered as part of the normal Netflix subscription at no additional cost. What Netflix had not said is when that might happen, but, well, today is the day! But the addition of video games today comes with a rather big catch: it's currently only in Poland, there are only two video games, and it's only for Android.

More specifically, Netflix has added the video games Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game to its service in Poland for subscribers to play on Android mobile devices. Given that this is Netflix after all, it comes as no surprise that the two Stranger Things titles would be in the mix, especially since there was even a time where Netflix was working with Telltale Games before its initial closure on a Stranger Things project. It is also worth noting that this new initiative differs from previous "games" on the service in that those were interactive stories with specific choices presented. That isn't to say those are also not games, but interactive video is not always the first thing folks think of when they think of video games.

You can check out the details of the Polish rollout, straight from Netflix, below:

As noted above, it is currently unclear when Netflix might expand this initiative beyond Poland. Only two video games, Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game, are currently available via Netflix in Poland.

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i think this could be dope if they bring in some triple A studios

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