Humankind Unity crashing at load screen error fix

A very strange looking error is resulting in Humankind crashing before the game even loads. Often displayed as Unity error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397 and appearing at the loading screen, this issue prevents players from accessing the game. As you might be guessing, this is a very specific sort of crash, but thankfully, it also has a very specific sort of fix.

Humankind crashing at load screen | Unity error fix

The Humankind Unity Unity error that results in crashing at the loading screen appears to mainly affect previous OpenDev beta participants. If you took part in an OpenDev, you’ll need to delete your old profile files. Otherwise, Humankind may be crashing due to other third-party software.

Based on user reports on the Steam forums, one of the major causes of this error is profile logs stored from OpenDev. These are located in a folder titled Humankind within your My Documents folder. If you see the folder there, delete it. After it’s gone, launch Humankind again, and Unity error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397 should disappear.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, or if you weren’t an OpenDev participant previously, you may need to selectively disable certain software. User reports indicate that Logitech RGB software as well as Realtek software may not play nice with Humankind. It’s possible that those programs may disrupt Unity functions. Disable any unnecessary software if possible, then try to launch the game to see if the error goes away.

Beyond that, it’s always good practice to make sure your drivers and operating system are up-to-date. Old drivers and software can quickly cause problems with newly updated games, so try to keep all your programs fresh. Outdated software is one of the main causes behind error codes for a huge variety of modern games.

In most cases, Humankind Unity error 2020.3.7f1_dd97f2c94397 is caused by leftover OpenDev files. Delete the Humankind folder in My Documents should prevent Unity from crashing at the loading screen. Otherwise, the fix may involve disabling additional system control software that may disrupt Unity functions.

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