Valheim Update Making a Big Gameplay Change

The upcoming Valheim Hearth & Home update is making a big gameplay change. Valheim remains 2020's surprise big hit, and while buzz around the game isn't what it was a few months ago, millions continue to play the early access survival game. That said, unlike many other games of its popularity, Valheim's developer Iron Gate Studios isn't massive. In fact, this is its first game. As a result, updates don't come as quickly as other games, but Iron Gate Studios has been good about ensuring that when larger content updates do drop, they are quality.

The past few weeks, more and more details on Valheim's big Hearth & Home update have been shared, and now we have word that some tweaks are being made to the game's combat, or, more specifically, blocking and staggering.

Unfortunately, developer Iron Gate Studio doesn't dive too deeply into specifics about the changes, but notes that they are in response to seeing just how many different types of players there are. And as you would expect, the changes tie into the updates being made to food.

With the update, players will need to focus on their health and stamina and how it relates to the food they consume. For example, players that look to deal out damage in heaps will want to focus on consuming food that gives a boost to stamina. More stamina, more attacks. Meanwhile, players that prefer defense as opposed to offense will want to consume foods that provide health.

With the update, blocking power will be determined by your character's maximum health. Meanwhile, with the addition of a new stagger bar, you will need to monitor your health bar even more. When full, you will be wide open for attacks. To keep it low, you will need to keep your health up. And when the bar is low you won't be as vulnerable to attacks.

Valheim is available -- via Steam Early Access -- on PC, and right now, only the PC.

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