Aliens: Fireteam Elite Confirmed To Have Free Seasons, Next Gen Update

Later this month, you and some friends will get a chance to play out your fantasies (or night terrors) of being in the Aliens movie with Fireteam Elite. The game is a multiplayer-focused title where you and two friends fight to survive against hordes of the iconic xenomorph creatures from the beloved sci-fi franchise. We’ve seen a good bit of the gameplay, showcasing some pretty intense combat. Now, we get a breakdown of what all you get for your initial purchase.

The Creative Director at developer Cold Iron Studios, Matt Highison, took to his personal Twitter to give a few details. First and foremost, he confirmed the game will get free season updates, as well as a free next gen update for those getting the game on previous generation systems. He also reaffirms the game is playable solo, and that were will be no “pay2win” microtransactions or loot boxes. This is for just the base version of the game. There is also a Digital Deluxe Edition, which you can see more about it through here.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC on August 24th.

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Not really into the Aliens games myself. But willing to watch gameplays before I decide to buy

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