A Modder Has Used 205 Mods To "Remaster" Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Remastered is here, but not in the way you might think. Modder and YouTuber Ded String has recently uploaded a video to YouTube of their effort to completely remaster Fallout 4 through the power of mods. Ded String used a massive 205 mods in order to make their remaster, a feat that any modding enthusiast will know is very impressive.

From the video itself, you can see that Fallout 4 has been changed heavily changed, giving off a more military feel of something like Ghost Recon rather than Fallout. If it wasn't for the UI, you'd be hard-pressed actually recognizing the game at all. If you like the look of this remaster and want to recreate it yourself, thankfully Ded String has shared a complete list of the mods used to make the remaster over on Modwatch.

However, Ded String is only one of several dedicated members of Fallout's modding community that has transformed Fallout 4 into something else entirely. You may recall the release of the "Whispering Chills" mod which turned Fallout 4 into a horror game, with the mod's setting heavily inspired by iconic horror titles such as Silent Hill.

Then there are the folks that make their own fan-made DLC, the most recent examples being the Fallout London and Fallout Miami mods. Both of these mods took players to locations never before seen in the Fallout universe, with the former showing it's own spin on what Fallout would look like in an entirely different country.

And despite the game's rocky reception when it first launched, there's even some love for Fallout 76 amongst the modding community as well. A new quest mod was recently released for Fallout 4 which saw Fallout 76's Responders faction settle in Boston.

When it comes to improving and adding games, Fallout and Bethesda's modding community is almost second to none. Ded String's work is mightly impressive, but it certainly won't be the last monumental mod we see when it comes to Fallout.

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