Phil Spencer Isn’t Looking To Copy Sony’s Strategy of Exclusives

In a recent interview with GamesRadar, head of Xbox Phil Spencer talked about the future of Xbox Game Pass on other platforms alongside a number of other things including his strategy for Xbox exclusives. During the interview, he revealed that the brand isn’t looking to copy successful strategies of competitors.

Phil Spencer prefaces by paying respects to other platforms – presumably Sony and Nintendo, and talks about how the team wants to do its own thing. He goes in length about creativity being an integral part of the strategy, which certainly seems tantalizing right now.

“Our strategy is not to just go be like someone else. I get a push sometimes of ‘where’s your version of this or that game?’ I’ve been in this industry for a long time, I have a ton of respect for creators on all platforms, and I know many, many of them. But it’s good if we’re doing something different than what other platforms are doing. We’re not in the business of just trying to create a green version of somebody else’s blue or red coloured platform. That’s not the example of creativity that I want to see in the games industry.”

Xbox has almost 2 dozen studios under its belt, and almost each studio is a master of its own craft – for example: 343 Industries with first-person-shooters, The Coalition with third-person shooters, and the like. It seems that Microsoft’s drought of exclusives is ending soon, and Spencer’s decision to give freedom to its studios to make the games they want is certainly a great move.

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I don't want them to be heading the direction of Sony at all. Third person action games that somehow all turn up to be the as designed by committee gameplay loop; except in some case Death Stranding. However we can see how people felt about a game even remotely trying to do something different.

With Game Pass I'm hoping Microsoft will fund and support more AA experiences that can try to be experimental or do something different. I really have no interest in waiting 3-4 years for a $150-200m game that ends up being hesitant on trying something new because the budget is so huge.

Sure it won't be as beautiful and polished as something from Sony first party, but I really don't think it needs to be.


Ya know after thinking and reading these articles for the past few years there was an article that Microsoft put out saying consoles won't be around forever and I could see Xbox stopping console creation in t)3 next 2-3 generations but still having game pass and that coming to all consoles once it is massive and profitable

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