Tetris Effect is coming to Nintendo Switch

Enhance’s acclaimed music puzzle game Tetris Effect Connected will release for Nintendo Switch on October 8, it’s announced.

According to the announcement docs, the Switch version of Tetris Effect will include the single-player Journey mode, competitive Zone Battle mode (available locally or online) and the cooperative Connected mode. It will also include cross-platform multiplayer.

Originally released on PlayStation 5 in November 2018, Tetris Effect was nominated for two BAFTA video game awards and praised for its implementation of PlayStation VR.

Tetris Effect Connected, a multiplayer expansion, debuted on Xbox consoles and PC last November, followed by a wider release this summer.

In the new Connected mode, up to three players can connect their Tetris playfields together and play as one, and work together to take down a series of increasingly challenging CPU-controlled bosses.

Rez and Tetris Effect creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi has suggested that his next game will be an original project based on synaesthesia.

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/tetris-effect-is-coming-to-nintendo-switch/


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