Red Dead Online has added the new Call to Arms survival mode

Rockstar has released the latest Red Dead Online content update, which is headlined by the Call to Arms survival mode.

It challenges teams to position themselves around the map in a bid to protect five different locations (Blackwater, Fort Mercer, Valentine, Strawberry, and MacFarlane’s Ranch) from up to 10 waves of enemy invaders.

To access the mode, players must check their Camp Lockbox for a new Telegram from J. Call to Arms will then become available to launch at any time by selecting the associated Telegram from the Satchel.

Call to Arms players will earn players 3X RDO$, XP and Gold this week, Rockstar said.

Red Dead Online’s latest Crime Contract tasks players with carrying out a series of crimes targeting magnate Leviticus Cornwall. They include infiltrating Cornwall Kerosene & Tar in the Heartlands and sneaking around the Saint Denis docks to find and steal Capitale.

And The Quick Draw Club No. 2, the second in a series of four passes geared towards bandits, is now available until September 6. It costs 25 Gold Bars and offers 25 ranks of rewards, plus “special bonuses and rare items”.

Red Dead Online comes free with every copy of Red Dead Redemption 2, which has shipped over 38 million copies, according to Rockstar parent company Take-Two.

A standalone version of Red Dead Online, which is currently priced at $19.99 / £17.99, was also released in December 2020.

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