Valheim reveals food changes coming in the next big update

Iron Gate Studio just gave fans a fresh look at some of the big changes to food coming in the Valheim Hearth and Home update.

The piping hot new details arrive via Iron Gate's first Hearth and Home spotlight video. The video reveals that the update will split food items into three categories: food that gives you more health than stamina will be indicated by a red fork icon, food that gives you more stamina than health will get a yellow one, and food that gives you a roughly equal amount of each will get white.

On top of that, the big food bar that lives next to your health is going away, and will instead be replaced by a series of icons which show your currently active food and how much longer they'll last via numeric countdown. With these changes, Iron Gate hopes to give players more interesting decisions about what kind of a diet to eat for any given day based on their plans: longer lasting stat-boosting food for a day of chores and building at the homestead, shorter but stronger items for combat-heavy adventuring, and so on.

Iron Gate is teasing that next week's video will focus on how your choice of food could affect your preferred combat style, and it still says Hearth and Home is coming this quarter - which means it should be here by the end of September.

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