The Age Of Empires 4 Closed Beta Just Went Live

First announced in 2017, over a decade after the last main Age Of Empires title was released, Age of Empires IV is finally ready to be played by the public. The new game from Xbox's World's Edge studio has been released into closed beta, with access open to members of the Age Insider program.

The current beta is due to run from August 5 to August 16, with invitations extended to select members of the Age Insiders program. The content that's being made playable for beta testers includes the tutorial mission, as well as regular matches for up to eight AI or human players. Insiders will be able to play in a number of maps, each with various size and biome options, while four of the eventual eight launch civilizations will be playable--Mongol, English, Delhi Sultanate, and Chinese.

Unfortunately if you weren't already registered as an Insider before August 3, you won't be able to participate in this beta, but it's interesting to know that some fans will be getting their hands on the new Age of Empires game over the next week and a bit.

If you do want to check out Age of Empires IV ahead of its release on October 28 this year, you can still sign up to the Insiders program to get a look in on upcoming beta tests, with testing happening across both the Microsoft Store and Steam.

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