PUBG going free-to-play for a week alongside name change

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is going free-to-play for a week, and receiving a name change.

As first reported by PCGamesN earlier today on August 6, PUBG is temporarily going free-to-play later this month. The free-to-play week will be commencing next week, starting on August 10 and is going to run until August 16, which will also coincide with Kpop mega-group Blackpink's crossover content launching in the game, with decals on the airship and buildings.

This free-to-play week for PUBG actually lines up with previous claims from a reputable leaker. Last month in July, a leaker claimed that PUBG would be holding a temporary free-to-play session in August, to gauge player interest in the battle royale game transforming into a completely free-to-play game forever. The confirmation of the free-to-play session would now appear to lend significant credence to that past claim.

Elsewhere for the battle royale shooter is a name change, as we previously highlighted. The new name for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds going forward is "PUBG: Battlegrounds," which means the full name of the game is now officially Playerunknown's Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds. We can pretty easily see the game still being fondly referred to as "PUBG," by its dedicated player base, though.

PUBG actually just got a lot bigger last month, with the launch of the new Taego map. This map is 8km by 8km, making it the biggest map in the game for a fair few years, and giving players a vast new area to explore. Next year, the expanded universe surrounding PUBG is going to expand in an entirely different way, when The Callisto Protocol releases, a new horror game set in the PUBG universe from several veterans of the Dead Space series.

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