Call of Duty: Warzone leak teases new operator for Season 5

The first image of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 appears to have leaked, along with a few details about the upcoming update.

The image, shared on Reddit earlier today, shows a woman with an eyepatch, combat vest, and a number of tattoos, sitting in front of a backdrop reminiscent of the Matrix movies, with streams of numbers - some highlighted in red - running in vertical lines across the screen.

According to the accompanying post, the woman is one of the new season's three new operators. Her name - Kitsune - stems from Japanese mythology, in line with Season 5's alleged Japanese theme; Kitsune are supernatural foxes with the ability to shapeshift, or trick humans. It seems likely that the new operator might tie into the abilities of her namesake, but it's not clear how that might happen. Two more operators - potentially names Kingsley and Surge - are also said to be heading to the game with the new season.

The image also shows Kitsune holding a Tec-9 semi-automatic pistol. The weapon has never appeared in a Call of Duty game before, but the post claims that it will be integrated into Black Ops Cold War in Season 5. It's not clear, however, whether it'll be added to Warzone too.

The post also states that "we'll probably see Weather Station," a new region for the Outbreak mode that contains the Summit map, as well as a standalone version of Summit for use in 6v6 matches. Those additions might not arrive until Season 6, however.

With no word from Activision as yet, it's worth taking leaks like this with a significant pinch of salt, but it's also worth noting that with Season 4 set to finish next Monday, August 9, Season 5 is probably just around the corner. With that in mind, the developer will likely be hoping to reveal the new season very soon, so we'll find out how accurate this leak is pretty soon.

If Season 5 is announced next week, it'll be the first major reveal from Activision Blizzard since a lawsuit was brought against the company by the State of California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

[Season 5 Details]

Season is Japanese themed

Tec-9 is coming

The Operators name is Kitsune.

There are another two operators named Kingsley and Surge, could be codenames though

We'll also probably see Weather Station (New region for outbreak that contains summit) aswell as standalone summit aswell for 6v6 ect. I know they're coming, just don't know when it's being added. Likely this season, if not it'll be season 6.

Aswell as this there is also still PHD and Double Tap for zombies and the lightning links field upgrade.

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