Nintendo Comments on Nintendo Switch OLED Model Burn-In Concerns

While there are several distinct upgrades in the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED model compared to the original Nintendo Switch like a new dock with a wired LAN port and more, the biggest, most obvious addition is in the name itself: a 7-inch OLED screen. While there are plenty of questions about the changes to the new Nintendo Switch model, the screen brings new potential problems for the console. Specifically, burn-in or ghosting or image retention could be an issue, and Nintendo has released a statement on the matter that does not appear to be too concerned.

Regardless of what you want to call it, image persistence or burn-in or ghosting or image retention is essentially a common enough problem with OLED screens where a static image can be burned into the screen as like a hazy or ghostly background. It's typically caused by logos or some other sort of image displayed in the exact same area for a long time. According to Nintendo's statement, it acknowledges the problem inherent to having an OLED screen, but believes that there are various preventative measures that owners can take in addition to simply not leaving a single static image on the screen themselves.

"We've designed the OLED screen to aim for longevity as much as possible, but OLED displays can experience image retention if subjected to static visuals over a long period of time," a Nintendo statement given to CNET when asked about the issue reads. "However, users can take preventative measures to preserve the screen [by] utilizing features included in the Nintendo Switch systems by default, such as auto-brightness function to prevent the screen from getting too bright, and the auto-sleep function to go into 'auto sleep' mode after short periods of time."

"The new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is a great option for players who want to experience the new vibrant screen when playing in handheld and tabletop mode," said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser as part of the initial announcement of the new model. "With the addition of this new model to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, people have an additional choice of a system that best fits the gaming experience they desire – whether it’s Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite."

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is set to release later this year on October 8th with a suggested retail price of $349.99.

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