Xbox Throws Shade at PlayStation 5 Over Storage Expansion Complication

PlayStation 5 gamers are going to have the ability to expand their storage soon, but Xbox has taken the opportunity to throw shade at its competition. While PS5 owners will have to grease their elbows, Xbox shows gamers an easier alternative.

The official Xbox Twitter account recently threw a little shade at PlayStation and its upcoming storage update. The jokes started with the Xbox Twitter account asking if anyone needed help expanding storage on their Xbox consoles. This tweet linked to another from Xbox Support which discussed storage options with a handy 5-second clip.

The brief clip shared by Xbox Support shows gamers how much simpler it is to expand storage on the Xbox Series X console in comparison to the PS5. Beyond simply requiring an update, the PS5 storage expansion requires some technical know-how and specific SSDs. Since the Xbox Series X/S released, Xbox has come prepared with a small storage unit from Seagate, which makes things for Xbox fans a little easier.

PlayStation owners who have been anticipating the PS5 storage expansion update will have to make sure that their SSDs are suitable for the new console. The unit itself needs to match the size of the allotted space in the PS5. It must also have a suitable heatsink and the read speed need to reach at least 5,500mb per second.

Once PlayStation fans have the necessary parts and the storage expansion update has rolled out to them, they'll have to partially disassemble their PS5 consoles to reach the storage slot. Xbox is throwing shade at PlayStation with this Tweet by showing gamers that the grass is greener on the other side in this aspect. Gamers that purchase the Seagate storage expansion card for Xbox simply have to insert it into the back of the Xbox Series X console to expand the unit's storage.

A large majority of the responses to the tweet from Xbox celebrated the humor of it, with many featuring appropriate gif responses. One fan's reaction to the official Xbox Twitter account considered this joke from Xbox similar to PlayStation's one about sharing games from the last generation. Several others confirmed that they don't need any help with their storage expansion on Xbox Series X.

Several Xbox gamers used the opportunity of Xbox throwing shade to throw some shade at it. Several fans are clambering for a 2TB Seagate storage expansion card for the Xbox Series X because of the sheer size of most games releasing lately. PlayStation fans may not all have their hands on a PS5 yet, but many may run into problems when trying to expand their storage in the future.

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