Marvel’s Avengers Gets New Endgame Content and Free Play Weekend

As promised, Crystal Dynamics has added new endgame content to Marvel’s Avengers ahead of a free play weekend. The patch brought with it Omega-Level Threat, multiplayer Mega Hives, permanent Temporal Assault, and priority mission changes.

New features are detailed below:

Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion – It is time to the revisit the fight against the Super-Adaptoid from the Taking Aim Operation. Omega-Level Threat missions require full four-player Strike Teams at Power Level 145+, although Power Level 150 is recommended, and though players can run them as many times as they’d like, Omega-Level Threats award the highest-end gear for success once per week per account.

Multiplayer Mega Hives – Mega Hives now allow multiplayer in addition to single-player. The Exotic reward will now only be Hivemind gear. Completing the mission chain each week will grant you 2 Hivemind pieces, one focused on melee/ranged and the other focused on defense/Heroics. Players who fall and have no Heroes left can spectate the remaining players in the Strike Team.
Permanent Temporal Assault – Due to further tampering by AIM, the ability to play multiple of the same Hero in matchmaking and in Strike Teams is now permanent. We can’t wait to see how you take on Omega-Level Threat: Family Reunion and multiplayer Mega Hives with new Hero combinations now available. Thank you for the feedback!

Priority Mission Changes – We are removing the low-level Priority Mission and raising the Power Level of the high-level one to 140. The challenge rating for the Priority Mission cannot be changed. Completing the Priority Mission will grant players a guaranteed Exotic on a weekly basis.

Marvel’s Avengers will be free to play for a limited time starting today until August 1st.

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