Nintendo Insider Leaks Next Direct and Its Game Announcements

According to a new rumor, the next Nintendo Direct, or at least the next proper Nintendo Direct, is happening in September. This is the latest claim from Nintendo insider and leaker, Samus Hunter, who also relayed some specifics about what to expect. To this end, the leaker projects that Metroid Dread will be the primary focus, but a few other games could also rear their head, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and its final DLC character.

"Surely the focus game will be Metroid Dread, while Advance Wars and Mario Party will have sections dedicated to some new features," said the leaker, before continuing. "There are also several major updates planned, Animal Crossing, the reveal of the latest character in Smash, and the DLC with the new story of Hyrule Warriors. Third parties will also play an important role, Capcom has to reveal a Resident Evil for the Switch."

The leaker continued:

"If plans for Splatoon 3 don't change, marketing for the title should begin around that time. I doubt there will be news about the Zelda Breath of the Wild sequel, other than a small notice that we'll see it in a few months. A new announcement [about] a Kirby project is very likely. A title developed by Nintendo and Monolith is at a very good point. A few months [ago] they finalized the cutscenes and in recent weeks have worked on much of the music, so the project is entering the final stages. Bayonetta 3 should also be in a similar situation. There are other titles well underway as well, but those are planned for a generic 2022 or later."

Captioning all of this, the leaker does admit that none of this is set in stone, and some of it is pure projection based on the information that they have come across.

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