DOS Emulator Will Soon Be Removed From iOS App Store, Developer Says

An emulator that plays DOS games on iOS devices will soon be pulled from the App Store, its author says (via MacRumors). iDOS developer Chaoji Li said that his latest update for the game was rejected because it "installed or launched executable code," which is a violation of the App Store guidelines.

Li says that he has 14 days to submit an update to remove the functionality. However, he says that he's not going to remove the functionality because he feels that it is critical to the app's performance, and he doesn't want to betray users who purchased the app for those features. A previous version of iDOS was removed from the App Store in 2010, but Li was able to upload a new version in 2011.

Currently, iDOS 2 is still available for purchase. However, it is likely to be pulled in the coming days. Apple isn't shy about removing apps that violate its policies. The most high-profile example is assuredly Fortnite, which was removed after developer Epic Games introduced a direct in-app payment system for the battle royale titan. The app's removal has led to a headline-grabbing lawsuit that is still unresolved today. If Epic Games wins the lawsuit--which observers say is unlikely--it's possible that Apple will have to change its guidelines. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, Apple will face a class-action lawsuit from developers who claim that the App Store is a monopoly.

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