Valve Shows Off Steam Deck's Trackpad and Gyro Controls

We've seen a lot of the Steam Deck in the week following Valve's announcement. Most of it isn't anything particularly new--just some cutting-edge PC hardware that's been stuffed into a handheld package. But the latest tech demo (courtesy of IGN) shows something truly innovative that might revolutionize controller technology as we know it.

Valve designer Scott Dalton explains how the Deck's gyroscopic controls combine with its capacitive touchpads and thumbsticks to produce a brand new way to control your favorite games.

"We have capacitive touch joysticks,” Dalton begins, “and one of the really cool things about that is we can use that in tandem with our gyroscope to sort of turn on or turn off gyroscopic aiming and motion controls in games."

Dalton then presents just how this works. With his thumb resting on either the Deck's trackpad or thumbstick, he's able to tilt the entire Deck itself to control his view of the game world. And because the gyro offers much finer movements than what you'd get on either the trackpad or thumbstick, it allows the player to become far more accurate with their aim.

It’s the same “precise little micro-movements” that you’d get from a mouse, explained Dalton, and it doesn’t take long for your brain to wrap itself around the whole thumb-on gyroscopic controls.

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