Steam Deck is an “Amazing Move by Valve” – Epic Games CEO

Valve’s announcement of the Steam Deck has generated a lot of excitement, and it’s easy to see why- the potential of a handheld gaming PC is clear for everyone to see right, and as Valve CEO Gabe Newell puts it, if the company does things right, the device might go on to be quite successful for them.

Many have been impressed with the device- and one such person is Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. Though Sweeney hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with Valve on a number of things and has been critical of the company on a few occasions, he recently took to Twitter and said that the Steam Deck is an “amazing move by Valve”, also noting that the handheld is an open platform where users can install whatever software they please, and even use other PC game stores beyond Steam (which includes the Epic Games Store as well).

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I thought this was gonna be a flop but the instant hype has me feeling a little different


At some point definitely will need to pick it up when it comes out.

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