Minecraft Releases New Caves & Cliffs: Part 2 Test

The first half of Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update released not long ago, and already Mojang is back with another preview into the next planned release. Available as of this week are two new “World Generation” experiments which essentially act as small slices of Caves & Cliffs: Part II for players to try out. The experiment has been extended to both the Java version of the game and the Bedrock version which means that everyone should be able to access the content if they want.

Tests like these are often limited to Snapshots which in turn are always limited to only Java players, so the fact that this is available to those on the Bedrock version too means that it’s something that should be taken advantage of if you’re looking to see what’s coming next. The second half of the Caves & Cliffs update includes content which was delayed whenever Mojang decided to split the larger release into two parts.

What you’ll see in these experimental World Generations differs depending on whether you’re on the Bedrock or Java versions of the game. Details pertaining to what’s been added to both versions can be found below with info on how to try out the Java test and the Bedrock test found through the corresponding links.

Java Version: Changes Compared to Caves & Cliffs: Part I
New world height and depth
New mountain biomes (lofty peaks, snowcapped peaks, grove, meadow, and snowy slopes)
New cave generation (cheese, spaghetti, and noodle caves)
Local water levels and lava levels in the underground
New cave biomes generate naturally underground and inside mountains (lush caves, dripstone caves)
Natural variation in terrain shape and elevation, independently from biomes. For example, forests and deserts could form up on a hill without needing a special biome just for that.
New ore distribution (see this chart)
Large ore veins
Integrated mountains, caves, and cave entrances
Monsters will only spawn in complete darkness

Bedrock Version: New Features
New surface biomes including Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove, and Mountain Meadow
New cave biomes including Lush Caves, and Dripstone Caves
Revamped cave generation adds cheese caves, spaghetti caves, lava aquifers, and flooded aquifer caves
New ore distribution
Skulk sensor
Goat horn
Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs: Part II update does not yet have a release date but is expected to release at some point this year.

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Minecraft is a gem, but now they've added too much. It's not as simple as it should be anymore, it's success was its simplicity.


It's truly insane to see how massive Minecraft has become, I barely recognize some of it now...

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