Xbox’s new system update for Insiders adds a Quick Resume fix

Microsoft has released a new system update that fixes a bug with its Quick Resume feature.

Members of the Insider programme who are part of the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring will be getting the update first, which addresses an issue that sees some Quick Resume titles showing a black screen when players try to resume them, then rebooting the game.

The patch also includes a number of other updates designed to “properly reflect local languages across the console”, according to Microsoft.

Because the Insider versions of updates are considered unstable and not ready for full roll-out to all Xbox owners, they can occasionally cause other issues. The latest patch notes addresses some of these, and offers some potential workarounds.

June’s public Xbox system update recently added party chat support for speech-to-text and text-to-speech, to aid players who are deaf or have trouble hearing and/or cannot or choose not to speak.

Meanwhile, Xbox’s May 2021 system update featured improvements to Quick Resume, including greater reliability and faster load times, passthrough audio for media apps, and the ability to approve multiplayer games for kids by specific title.

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Giving insiders an early look at a bug fix lmao what? C

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