Apex Legends Cross-Progression Efforts Slowed By Recent Hacks

Crossplay came to Apex Legends last May in the mid-Season 9 update, but what about cross-progression (or cross-save, or whatever you want to call it)? That, unfortunately, was delayed as Respawn still hadn't quite ironed out all the bugs, and now thanks to the recent Apex Legends hacks, cross-progression seems to be a long way off.

An Apex fan on Twitter posed the question of cross-progression to game director Chad Grenier over the weekend, and he responded with an update. "In development, although recent hacks on Apex and TF have slowed down the progress of it as we context switch to solving live game issues."

Those recent hacks are the "live game issues" that Grenier is referring to. A week ago, hackers somehow managed to take over the Playlists section of Apex Legends with a message to "save Titanfall," a message intended to get Respawn to pay attention to the issues plaguing Titanfall and Titanfall 2, but one that didn't generate the desired effect.

Titanfall's multiplayer has been unplayable for months now thanks to a racist hacker that immediately shuts down game servers as soon as anyone tries to join. Once thought limited to the original Titanfall, Titanfall 2 has since come under similar attacks that are preventing many players from even joining a multiplayer match.

As Titanfall's issues mounted, disgruntled Apex fans decided the only way to beat a hacker was to become a hacker. An unknown party then hacked Apex Legends' live servers to post the "Save Titanfall" message. Rather than accomplish its stated goal, the hack only managed to get Respawn devs to work over the weekend to restore regular service to their battle royale game.

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 currently have just two Respawn employees working to solve its hacking issues while the rest of Respawn Vancouver works on securing Apex Legends from future hacks. As soon as they’re done, then maybe we’ll see some progress on cross-progression.

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As long as its being talked about i'm all game. I stopped spending money on camos because i wanted to switch to PC eventually. I can see a major group of account sales coming in the near future for sure.

This and rainbow six siege getting cross progression is going to make next year very good for me.


I'm surprised EA would even allow cross progression on a game that people spend tons of money on for cosmetics. Would love to get my Xbox account on pc.

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