Job Listings Indicate That 2014's Wild Is Still In Development

New job listings on the Wild Sheep Studios website indicate that Wild is still in active development, despite relative silence since its announcement in 2014.

As spotted by ResetEra user PS9, Wild Sheep Studios recently posted some new job listings, which is the first we've heard from Wild for quite some time.

There unfortunately isn't too much information to take from the job listings, as they're all general positions such as graphics and engine programmers. However, the fact that the jobs were posted recently shows the game is still in the works, which is the most we've heard since a screenshot was posted last year.

For those that don't remember, Wild is an open-world title that lets you possess animals, although for what purpose is still not very clear. Wild was first announced back in 2014 and received several gameplay trailers and showcases in 2015 before basically falling off the earth entirely and not being seen again until a few screenshots were posted in 2017.

Since 2017 we've had one official screenshot for the game be released, as well as the confirmation that it was still in development when Michel Ancel left game development last year. The lack of Wild information over the years has led many to believe that the game is vaporware, but these job listings indicate that the game is still in active development.

Although it's entirely possible that these vacancies are for whatever is coming after Wild, it's not the strongest sign in the world that Wild Sheep Studios is hiring for positions that involve building and maintaining engines. You'd think with Wild being in development for so long, an engine would be pretty settled on.

Beyond not being around much over the past seven years, Wild has had a pretty openly rocky development cycle. Besides being around for two generations of consoles now, it was also previously led by Michel Ancel, who left the game development industry after reports of abusive workplace behaviour. Ancel claimed those reports were untrue, and seems to have left the gaming space entirely since.

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