Fallout: New Vegas Being Morphed Into Star Wars With Upcoming Mod

No one asked for it, yet someone out there is set on delivering it to us anyway. A modder known by Tank Girl has been working to bring us Star Wars content—including characters, vehicles, and environments—into Fallout: New Vegas. Perhaps this was sparked by a want for a big Star Wars open world game, which we're hoping to see as a reality in the not-so-distant future.

There is a Discord server you can join about the project that includes more details on what this modder is aiming for. By the end, this modder wants to have character customization, a skill system, side quests, and much more.

Combining Star Wars with an open world Bethesda game would be groundbreaking, so we’re hoping to eventually see this mod’s official release. It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to see a fan want to combine some of the greatest series of all time.

In other news for the active modders out there, Nexus mods recently announced that they will no longer be allowing mod authors to delete mods from their site. Instead, all the mods will be archived. They were explicit in saying that all archived mods will not be accessible unless directly requested though, so they will at least not all stay as easily usable. Nexus mods is allowing a grace period for authors to delete their mods too, before they’re archived instead.

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