Activision Pulls Down Videos Of Machine Learning Cheating Software

Activision has recently pulled down a promotional video of a ML-powered cheating software that claims to work on any platform, including consoles. As reported by Twitter user ACPD who also shed light on the original story about the cheat engine, Activision will also be working on measures to combat players who would be using these cheats.

However, the cheat engine reportedly is still up for sale. By pulling down promotional videos for the cheat engine, Activision seems to be acknowledging the situtation and will be actively working on its anti-cheat systems to take into account these kinds of cheats.

Given how naturalistic movements the cheat engine produces, its undoubtedly going to be hard to track down these cheats. Call of Duty: Warzone is already fighting an uphill battle with cheaters as it continues to ban waves after waves of them. It also doesn’t help that Warzone is free-to-play, so a ban can easily be countered by creating a new account.

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That video was so **** fake and the fact that people actually think it's real says a lot about people's knowledge on how cheats work and operate. Throw up the words "machine learning" and everyone thinks it's some high tech new cheat lmao. That "ESP" in that video was added in post, 100% bullshit. People design cheats to make money, if someone made that it would be readily available to the public to be sold so the devs could make money, so where is it? No where, because it doesn't exist. GG's Activision for taking down a fake cheat video.


Can pull down videos but can't implement a proper AC


Wow this looks deadly just saw the video and I will say it looks so legit I honestly have no idea how they would detect it but this is gonna be interesting...

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