New Nintendo Switch Update Lets You Delete Old Update Data

Nintendo has just rolled out a new firmware update for the Switch bringing new storage functionality and performance tweaks.

Today's a big day for Nintendo - the new 'Pro' variant, the OLED model, has just been announced. However, on top of that, there's something a little smaller that's slipped through the cracks. Firmware update 12.1.0 lets you delete old update data from the software.

For context, if you're on the brink of filling your storage to the point where you cannot download a new update for a game, then you can now delete old patches beforehand to make room. This can be done for both the internal storage and your microSD if you have one.

However, when you've deleted the old data, the game will become unplayable until the new data has finished downloading. This means that you can't roll back updates and continue to play the game. Otherwise, this update brings what you'd expect - "general system stability improvements."

If you were hoping to get rid of a patch that fixed an exploit or glitch that you were having fun with, then you're out of luck. Although, there's no doubt that intrepid players will still find a way.

This new update launched yesterday so you can boot up your Switch right now to download it. It should prompt you automatically but, failing that, you can find a manual start option by going to System Settings and navigating your way to the 'System' tab. In here, there's a large button at the very top simply titled 'System Update.' Press this and you can get the latest version of the software.

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