Next PlayStation State of Play Announced

Weeks of speculation about PlayStation’s summer event concluded on Tuesday with Sony announcing plans for the next State of Play broadcast. The summer event from PlayStation that’s taking place well after E3 and other major events now will premiere on July 8th at 2 p.m. PT, a date which was often tossed around in the rumors which attempted to nail down when, exactly, this stream would be held. The stream will last for about 30 minutes, Sony said, and will cover different games coming to PlayStation consoles.

As we’ve seen from most of the State of Play announcements in the past, Sony expectedly set expectations for this one by giving a preview of what’ll be there and, more importantly, what won’t be. We know for sure that we’ll get an extended look at Deathloop with Sony and Bethesda showing off around nine minutes of content from the upcoming game which releases in September. The Deathloop gameplay will feature Cole using his abilities and weaponry across Blackreef Island and sounds like it’ll show off the different ways the character can approach combat situations depending on preferred playstyles.

While Deathloop was the only game Sony said for sure would be at the State of Play game, there are a couple of other projects that people shouldn’t expect to see there. The next God of War game which everyone’s been referring to as God of War: Ragnarok won’t be present nor will Horizon Forbidden West. The absence of the latter is to be expected given how the game got its own State of Play event not long ago, but the absence of the former game goes against some of the speculations which suggested it’d be present there. Sony also said that the next PlayStation VR iteration won’t be there either.

That leaves “some exciting indie and third-party titles” to fill the rest of the show, so don’t get your hopes up for any first-party exclusives to be shown off there. That does leave hope for Abandoned though, the curious horror game that’s gotten the attention of many since its announcement. Abandoned will indeed be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but it’s made by Blue Box Game Studios and not a member of the PlayStation Studios team, so it could still make an appearance.

Sony’s next State of Play event will take place on July 8th at 2 p.m. PT.

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Maze Lmao it's so lame how they decided to delay it for a whole month behind e3

Y are they lame the reason they don't go to e3 is cuz e3 is dead n they wanna do there own thing


They should of been doing this at E3.


Lmao it's so lame how they decided to delay it for a whole month behind e3

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