Days Gone Developer’s New IP Will Have Multiplayer

SIE Bend Studio may not have been given a green light for a sequel to Days Gone, but as Sony recently confirmed, they’re working on a new open world IP. Details on it are obviously scant right now, but a job ad published by the developer may have revealed an interesting detail about something that is currently planned for the game.

SIE Bend Studio has an ad for the position of Senior Network Programmer up, suggesting that their next game is going to have a multiplayer component (spotted by SegmentNext). The ad mentions “support of low-level network issues, multiplayer engine design/architecture, PSN platform services” and more among the applicant’s responsibilities, which hints that perhaps multiplayer is going to be an important component. Of course, the game is obviously still in early development, so it’s hard to be sure about anything right now.

SIE Bend Studio’s inner workings have been a cause for much debate of late. After Days Gone 2 was rejected by Sony, SIE Bend Studio was reportedly put in charge of developing a new Uncharted game under Naughty Dog’s supervision, though at Bend’s request, that project was shut down and the studio was allowed to work on something new of its own.

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