Call of Duty: Slipstream appears as a PS5 alpha test

Another Call of Duty: Slipstream reference has shown up, this time on the PlayStation database.

The file was spotted by the PlaystationSize Twitter account, which is known for mining the PlayStation platform databases for information on upcoming releases. Early this morning, it posted information relating to Call of Duty: Slipstream - thought to be some kind of working title for Call of Duty 2021 - suggesting that the file related to a PS5 alpha test.

This is the second time the Slipstream title has appeared this week, with the name surfacing via just a few days ago. Previously, the name 'Vanguard' has been attached to the game, said to be set in the 1950s in an alternative timeline where World War 2 never ended. It's possible that one or both of these names are codenames or working titles, so we'll have to wait for Activision to unveil its next shooter in order to be sure of its name.

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Dead franchise. Cold War was the nail in the coffin for me. Then they also decided to ruin Warzone too.


Pretty sure the test will fail epicly

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