More Indie Devs Claim That Sony Is Difficult to Work With

Following a viral Twitter thread by Neon Doctrine co-founder Iain Garner, in which he complained about Sony’s attitude towards indie developers, several developers have spoken to outlets like IGN and Kotaku and corroborated Garner’s claims. Most of the complaints revolve around Sony‘s poor communication and inconsistent policies.

“Oh yeah, so there’s Nintendo who supports you, Microsoft who supports you, and there is Sony who supports its own AAA machine and gives a f*** about everyone else,” a developer told Kotaku.

“No platform is ‘great’, but Sony is particularly terrible,” said another developer speaking on condition of anonymity. “They know it too – they’ve had a problem for a long time, and they’ve been telling devs they have a problem for a long time, but they’ve just never fixed anything, so the problem persists.”

Kotaku claims that it contacted Sony for a comment but the company chose not to respond.

One publisher said that despite Xbox’s UI being an apparent “mess,” it makes room for smaller games to be advertised. As a result, they often hear from fans who spotted their game on the Xbox storefront. Over on Switch, developers and publishers don’t have to pay anything to be featured. Their games gain visibility without pulling teeth.

“Without paying for featuring, there are spots on the eShop you will appear without paying,” the aforementioned publisher added. “New releases, great deals, all those kinds of lists. And they will put new releases and decent discounts into the Discover tab too.”

We’ll update our readers if/when Sony chooses to respond.

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Of corse they are lol Sony just a handful lol

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