Hackers Take Over Apex Legends Playlist To Save Titanfall

It’s not often that you get friendly hackers in video games, where their sole purpose is to help others out. But it looks like Apex Legends is experiencing just that at the moment, as playlists have been taken over as an effort to save Titanfall.

Many fans likely won’t be aware that the Titanfall, Respawn Entertainments previous first-person shooter title, is practically unplayable due to hackers. So, in order to spread awareness about the situation, hackers have taken the fight to Respawn Entertainment.

Although the Apex Legends hackers mean no harm to users, it is affecting players from queuing in other playlists. The hackers have taken over Apex Legends in order to save Titanfall, Respawn Entertainments previous first-person shooter from 2014.

Titanfall is reportedly unplayable as hackers have made it impossible to join any form of multiplayer mode. Almost every player that owns Titanfall on PC will likely be greeted with the error message “No severs found”.

It appears that some die-hard Titanfall fans have had enough of the game being unplayable, and have taken a stand against Respawn Entertainments lack of acknowledgement towards the issue.

As seen in the tweet below, courtesy of YungLucianOG, players who have been affected by the hack are only able to queue for a limited-time mode called “SaveTitanfall.com”.

After completing a match of Apex Legends, it appears that an ‘Important Message’ appears on the screen. This message informs players to “Visit and repost savetitanfall.com”.

The website in question is legitimate and simply informs users of the current situation with Titanfall. According to the website, “Titanfall 1 is currently unplayable on PC due to hacker(s) using exploits that prevents players from being able to play the game. This issue has been happening for years and Respawn is willingly pretending that they do not know about the situation.”

Apex Legends‘ hackers go on to point out that Titanfall is still purchasable, but not playable. Stating that the title “does not work as advertised”.

Respawn Entertainment or EA are yet to comment on the currently ongoing situation, and it’s currently unclear how many players are being affected by the hacking issue. If you can’t play Apex Legends right now due to the ongoing situation, it’s best to wait for a response from the developers. We will make sure to update this article as this story develops.

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titanfall is a good game. hope respawn can fix the hacking issue


This is affecting me on xbox too. Hope they extend the event because of this

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