Spider-Man: Miles Morales ray tracing improved with new PS5 patch

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales has seen a bump to its ray-tracing performance on the PS5.

The game has received a new patch which targets its visuals and helps it run a little better. Version 1.10 is live now and while the patch notes are not detailed, they do hint at interesting improvements for the game's performance.

The ray tracing improvements should help the detail in reflective surfaces in the game, so you'll see Miles more clearly in puddles, windows, and mirrors. Reflections in video games are notoriously difficult, but ray tracing has helped this process, creating more realistic lighting behavior.

Elsewhere the changelog is quite vague but "global stability fixes and performance improvements" are also listed. It's hard to know how noticeable this will be without a detailed breakdown, but it promises a better overall experience, and that can't hurt.

This all should come together to make the game look and run even better than before, and the game was hardly slacking in that department. In our review of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Leon said "it also looks incredible, recreating a snowy New York at a near photorealistic level. There are moments in the latter half of the game, when gentle flurries set in and distant buildings fade into the weather, where the only thing that gives it away as a game is the little guy swinging past in a onesie."

Insomniac has been busy this week improving its PS5 experiences, as Ratchet and Clank: A Rift in Time also saw a substantial patch. As reported yesterday, the patch brings a 120hz display mode to the platformer that is centered around the fidelity of play in the game. It also bumps performance up by 33% as the game gets pushed to 40 fps in Fidelity Mode for displays that can handle it.

Insomniac is doing a lot of heavy lifting on the PS5 right now, and it's great to see these experiences continue to grow and look even better. Hopefully, that library grows, and Sony fans will have a whole host of astonishing games to show off.

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I want a ps5 soo bad just to play this game lol

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