PlayStation State of Play Rumors Suggest Next Event Is Happening Soon

PlayStation users eager for Sony’s next event have now centered on another probable date for the next State of Play. According to some rumors and deductions based on previous announcements and supposed leaks, people are now looking to July 8th – or at least some point in early July – as a potential timeframe for the next State of Play event. What could be shown there remains to be seen, too, but people have no shortage of requests for what they’d like to see at the event.

The July 8th date for the next State of Play stream or whatever PlayStation has planned began circulating over a week ago on Reddit and other forums. Those rumors were attributed to various unnamed sources as these types of forum-fueled discussions typically are, so take that into consideration when putting stock in the rumor.

Since then, the July 8th rumor has become somewhat more solidified, or at least it hasn’t gone away since it originated. Considering how other companies like Xbox have had more traditional summer events beyond the scope of the occasional showcases, some have suggested that this next PlayStation event could be more like the company’s past PlayStation Experience events as opposed to the State of Plays that have focused on games like Horizon Forbidden West.

If not July 8th, people are looking to the first week or so of July for some kind of PlayStation event. During recent events whenever Death Stranding: Director’s Cut was announced, it was said that the game would get a full and proper reveal within a matter of weeks. It’s true that Death Stranding came to PC and not just PlayStation consoles, but if the follow-up Death Stranding experience were to be showcased anywhere, it makes sense that it would happen during a PlayStation event.

On top of the Death Stranding inferences, rumors about a “Ghost of Ikishima” project from Sucker Punch Productions have also fueled speculations about a potential PlayStation event planned for this summer. The PlayStation 5 game Abandoned also has attracted attention for its marketing campaign that’s left some wondering if there’s more to the game than people were initially aware of.

Sony has not yet announced any plans for a State of Play, PlayStation Experience, or any other kind of PlayStation event, but if that July 8th or early July rumor has any weight to it, that kind of announcement will likely be made soon.

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