Where to Find Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes

The Scarlet Nexus Musubi codes quest is one of the mysterious missions in the game that could lead to a rewarding prize at the end.

This month, Bandai Namco not only launched the Scarlet Nexus video game on current-gen and last-gen consoles but also aired the anime series based on the video game.

In order to engage players with the ongoing anime series, Bandai Namco has implemented a special code inside each episode of the Scarlet Nexus series, which you can activate inside the game and fulfill Musubi’s quest.

If you have issues trying to activate the codes in game you can use a Scarlet Nexus Trainer from WeMod

Musubi is a character in Scarlet Nexus who owns a place like a cafe where players can hang out with other characters and strengthen their relationship with the companions. However, Musubi also has a special task for you.

Apparently, a customer of Musubi, called Mimi, is a reporter who needs to get access to some top-tier information, but she does need some codes to unlock the files. Each episode of the anime series grants you a code that you can hand over to Musubi and receive random rewards from her.

CODE: As the first code, this will grant you 1000 Kin.

Such a Liar: This is the code from the first episode of the anime series, rewarding a Poster Vision of Yuito.

Tell the Truth: This is the code from the second episode of the anime series. The reward for this one is yet to be announced.

*We will update the list above as soon as new codes arrive.

Simply head over to Musubi’s place and talk to her. She will ask you about the latest code and then you can type it.

You can watch all the Scarlet Nexus anime series episode for free on YouTube.

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