Battlefield 2042 may be introducing remastered versions of old maps

Battlefield 2042 may be getting a new game mode which allows players to experience remastered versions of old maps, according to leaker.

YouTuber Tom Henderson, who has previously predicted several other Battlefield announcements ahead of time, shared a video recently where he discussed the details of the currently unannounced game mode coming to the game which at the moment is labelled as “[REDACTED]” on EA’s website.

According to the page on EA’s site, this new mode was “designed as a love letter to our fans, coming to Battlefield 2042,” with more information about the new mode set to be announced during EA Play Live on July 22. This small tease actually gives Henderson’s claims that Battlefield 2042 is getting a ‘Battlefield Hub’ mode - which is full of remastered maps from old games - a little more context.

In his video, Tom Henderson claims that: “Battlefield Hub is going to contain remasters of maps from old Battlefield titles.” These maps, according to Henderson, will run on the Battlefield 2042 engine but the movement, etc. will be exactly the same as they originally were; “you’re essentially playing on a remastered map with different weapons and vehicles from past Battlefield titles” he continues.

Battlefield Hub is said to be “the ultimate sandbox experience” which is going to be “the ‘fun’ game mode.” Henderson also states that his source for this information describes it as the fun mode because it “isn’t necessarily going to be a competitive experience or a balanced experience” allowing players to instead just enjoy the sandbox mode.

As with any leak, take this information with a grain of salt as both EA and DICE are yet to make any official announcements about this. Fans who are desperately hoping that this leak is accurate will have to wait until EA Play Live on July 22, 2021 to find out.

EA recently showed off some new Battlefield 2042 gameplay during Xbox’s and Bethesda's E3 2021 presentation. The new “pre-alpha” footage shown gave fans a small taste of what they can expect when the game releases on October 22, 2021. However, despite a rumour previously stating that it would, we still don’t know for sure whether the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one of release.

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MovieTheatreButter id hope so. some of the best bf maps should make it into this. they did it for bf4.

Yeah it seems like a solid idea to do again and I'm usually not a fan of recycling content


id hope so. some of the best bf maps should make it into this. they did it for bf4.

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