Microsoft is bringing Android apps to Windows 11

At its "What's next for Windows event" today, Microsoft unveiled its latest operating system, complete with a new look and updated features. One of the greatest disadvantages for Microsoft's app Store is a dearth of compatible apps, which made things like Windows on ARM hard to love. Today, the company announced that Android apps will work on Windows 11.

This means they'll not just be limited to emulator windows on the software — the integration means you'll find them in the Start menu, show up with individual dedicated icons on the taskbar and launch with desktop shortcuts, too. They'll start to appear in the Microsoft Store, but you can also install them via the Amazon app store.

Panos Panay said during the keynote that Microsoft is using "Intel bridge technology" to bring this integration, making it "seamless and smooth." With the plethora of Android apps currently available, Windows 11 looks like it'll be a much more inviting OS for mobile, touch-centric workflows.

We're expecting early builds of Windows 11 to be released through the Insider program as soon as next week, as is typical Microsoft behavior. You can of course, play with the unofficial release at your own risk, but a full, stable version with all the features announced today is most likely to be available to the public this holiday season.

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Heck yeah I can install tik tok on my pc now


whole event was a giant ad for their tablet OS lol

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