Sony Patents System to Better Manage Console Notifications

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently filed a patent for a system that summarizes notifications for users and makes room for better notification management.

As spotted by MP1st, the patent can be found on USPTO’s website, and indicates that Sony plans to refine PlayStation 5‘s user interface. According to an abstract, the system will prioritize notifications in the context of a user’s activity, determining whether to display certain notifications for a user at the time or not. The system will also populate a list notifications in order of priority. The idea behind the patent is to not disrupt users while ensuring that important information is brought to their attention.

As usual, there’s a lot of technical jargon in the application, but the abstract below does a good job of explaining what the patent is about.

Techniques for managing notifications are described. In an example, a computing device presents content in an application window based on an execution of an application. Notification data is received by a computing device. Based on a context associated with the computing device, such as whether the application window is the foreground and whether the notification data is associated with the application or such as the operational mode of the computing device, a determination is made whether to present a corresponding notification in-context within the application window or in a pop-up window. Otherwise, the notification is added to a notification list and can be summarized in a notification summary.

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