Valorant Reveals New Robotic Agent Named KAY/O

Riot Games teased just a few short weeks ago that we would soon see the reveal of a new Agent for its ongoing multiplayer first-person shooter, Valorant. The studio has now kept its word on that promise and has given us a first look at KAY/O, who will be coming to Valorant in the near future.

Much like the teaser that was shown last week during Summer Game Fest, KAY/O is a robotic character joining the fray in Valorant. Shown off in a new trailer giving us a glimpse of KAY/O, it was revealed that this machine's abilities will allow you to neutralize opposing Agents on the battlefield. Specifically, KAY/O can chuck a knife with one of his abilities which then keeps opposing players from using their own skills within a given area where the knife lands.

When it comes to his ultimate ability, KAY/O again is able to shut down tactics that other players might be trying to use. In addition, KAY/O can also potentially be revived after using his ultimate as well. If he happens to die within the window where the ultimate is being utilized, other teammates can then come by to revive him.

Lastly, KAY/O also comes equipped with a handful of other abilities that are more offensive-focused. The first is a flash grenade, which can blind enemy players. The second is another explosive, which essentially works like a grenade. Known in-game as Frag/Ment, the ability lets KAY/O throw an explosive that can stick to various surfaces. When it explodes, it can deal damage to foes that are closer to the center of its blast radius.

As for the launch of KAY/O, he is set to join Valorant's roster alongside the addition of Episode 3, which will contain a number of other changes for the game. This update is set to roll out next week on Tuesday, June 22.

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Pre-patch he is looking to be a meta breaker since he can stop post plant lineups which is kinda nice and can also stop teams from playing retake with a KJ ult.

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