Super Mario Galaxy demake has the game running on a Nintendo DS

Super Mario Galaxy has been ported to the Nintendo DS, thanks to a few dedicated fans.

Just below, you can see footage of Super Mario Galaxy running on a Nintendo DS (via VG24/7). As you can see for yourself, we can see Mario running around Super Mario Galaxy's Hurry Scurry Galaxy section, focusing on the Shrinking Satellite level in particular.

In fact, it turns out that this 'port' of the Nintendo Wii game running on the DS is actually more of a remake. This is because the four developers behind the version of the game are actually using a custom-made game engine to get Super Mario Galaxy running on the DS.

"After working on the engine for the past few months we are able to make playable levels now," the video's description reads on YouTube. "Everything you see in this video, including the audio, works on real hardware. Yes we are aware that many sound effects and other things are missing."

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This is really freaking cool

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