Nintendo Switch Pro Direct Date Allegedly Leaked, Coming This Week

The Nintendo Switch has been one of Nintendo’s best selling consoles of all time. Nintendo had earlier announced that the Switch is barely halfway through its life cycle, so there is still a lot more to come for the console.

However, it seems like Nintendo does have other plans along the way as well. A previous report on Bloomberg had suggested that Nintendo is gearing up to launch Nintendo Switch Pro. The console is rumored to be announced this month itself, with assemblers reportedly starting shipments as early as July.

The report had stated that Nintendo might reveal the console before E3 so that publishers are able to showcase their game during the event. Today, a new leak has surfaced which states that the reveal might be coming as early as this week.

The leak comes from Twitter user Nick, who is also the host of Xbox era podcast. He mentions in a tweet that the Switch Pro might be announced on Thursday itself. However, it is also stated that the reveal was pushed several times in the past, so the same might happen again.

As with all leaks, this should taken with a grain of salt as well. However, with Bloomberg also suggesting that Nintendo might launch the Switch Pro before E3, this could very much end up being true.

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So far for Nintendo E3 is looking awesome.

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