Microsoft Store leaks Two Point Hospital follow-up Two Point Campus

The Microsoft Store has leaked a follow-up to wacky hospital sim Two Point Hospital. Two Point Campus will let you build and manage a university, one where unusual courses such as Knight School and Gastronomy are on the menu.

Campus popped up on the Microsoft Store a few hours ago, and as of several minutes ago, the page has been pulled. I mean, they could have waited until I had finished writing this article, but thankfully a few places including Quarter To Three's forum have preserved the game description and images. Ta, QuarterToThree forum-goer TurinTur.

Two Point Campus will expand the Two Point formula with new creative tools, letting you cultivate outdoor spaces for your campus. Meanwhile, courses will include Knight School—where students will take valuable jousting lessons—and Gastronomy, a course that teaches students to make "giant pizzas and enormous pies". You can see the jousting and an enormo-pizza in the following screenshots, taken from the removed Microsoft Store page.

I particularly like that last screenshot, which looks like Oxford. I didn't know I wanted a university sim until now. The store description reveals that your Campus tenure will begin during the summer break, "giving you enough time to get everything looking great before your students move in. Build libraries, hire the best staff (from eccentric professors to madcap researchers), kit your campus out with the best courses and watch the academic potential of your students get unlocked!"

There seems to be a big focus on the students, actually. You'll "keep them happy with clubs, societies, gigs. Surround them with friends, help them develop relationships, furnish them with pastoral care and ensure they have the right amount of joie de vivre to develop into incredible individuals who will do the legacy of your university proud."

All while saddling them with enormous debt, presumably. There's no release date for Two Point Campus yet, but the Microsoft Store (before it pulled the page, at least) says it will be coming to PC and the various Xbox platforms.

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Huh this does actually look fun !

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