New Microsoft Flight Simulator Cuts 170 GB File Size In Half

The latest update for Microsoft Flight Simulator has drastically reduced the base game's file size. Update brings a number of updates to the critically acclaimed plane simulator but the biggest change is that file size has been optimized, bringing the size from over 170 GB down to just 83 GB. That optimization reduces the game's file size by more than 50 percent, freeing up some precious storage space.

This follows a trend of other developers finding a way to reduce the file size of games, with Fortnite and Warframe as recent examples. As games have increased in visual fidelity and complexity, file sizes have continued to grow, taking up more and more of people's limited storage space, with games like Call of Duty Warzone being criticized for having massive file sizes.

While this patch focuses more on bug fixes and small changes, Flight Simulator's latest big patch introduced high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for Paris and Amsterdam. Microsoft is planning to have a joint summer Xbox showcase with Bethesda on June 13 and could announce new updates for Flight Simulator or a release date for the upcoming Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions.

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Glad they cut it's file size in half. That would've been ridiculous

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