Nintendo Switch Pro Leak Suggests Borderless Screen and 4K Output

The Nintendo Switch Pro leak by Vandal reveals the overall outlines of the new design for the new Switch model.

If you have been following the news around the upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch, then you have probably spotted the Euro Gamer and Bloomberg reports regarding the announcement date of the console.

According to the aforementioned sources, the new model of Nintendo Switch will be officially revealed before E3 2021, which is set to go live on June 12.

The Nintendo Switch Pro leak expanded in the past hours, thanks to a new report from Vandal. The Spanish newsletter has gathered some information on Switch Pro’s hardware features from a Chinese accessory manufacturer.

According to Vandal, the overall size of the console will be the same as the original Nintendo Switch, but using a borderless screen design in the Pro version provides up to 7 inches bigger display. The resolution of the screen is yet to be known, but the consoles will support 4K output when connected to a TV.

The Pro version will apparently support the current Joy-Con controllers of the original Nintendo Switch. The console will have a foldable stand in the back, allowing players to leave it in a stable position with a proper angle on any surface.

The Nintendo Switch Pro dock will have USB 3.0 and Ethernet ports. Also, the MicroSD port will be placed on a different side of the console, compared to the base model.

Unfortunately, there is no information around the Nintendo Switch Pro price or inner hardware specs, but if the rumors turn out to be true, we should not have to wait longer than a few weeks to check out the official announcement of the console.

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They've done a really good job with this handheld. I'm impressed

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