Call of Duty: Warzone devs are fixing the DLSS aim problems

In the world of battle royale games, FPS is key – you want as many frames per second as you can squeeze out of your PC to make sure you’re getting silky smooth responsiveness whenever you snap your sights on an enemy. Nvidia’s DLSS can boost your framerate in Call of Duty: Warzone by using a lower-resolution base canvas, but it seems as though a side effect is that your guns’ optics may be out of alignment – a big problem for anyone trying to be the best sniper in Warzone.

After players began to notice the DLSS issues earlier this month, the devs have now confirmed that they are “are aware of an issue where DLSS may impact the accuracy of Weapon optics in Warzone. The team is working on a fix for an upcoming patch.”

As Charlie Intel has highlighted, YouTuber JGOD demonstrates how various DLSS settings in Warzone can cause the crosshairs in your weapon optics to misalign with where your rounds are actually going. Readers will no doubt recall that DLSS works by ‘upsampling’ a lower-resolution image and using machine learning techniques to interpolate missing visual data on the fly when it’s displayed at a higher resolution. The results can be surprisingly clear, even working from a base canvas of 720p.

But since DLSS is essentially making its best guess at what the higher resolution image should look like, it seems it hasn’t quite gotten the razor precision of Call of Duty optics right yet. Surprisingly, however, JGOD finds that the effect gets increasingly pronounced as you move from ‘ultra performance’ setting up to ‘quality’, which means the misalignment gets worse as the base canvas gets more detailed.

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This game has gone downhill so dramatically


They will more likely find more problems when they fix that (it's always the way)

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