Sony Wants to Bring PlayStation Games to Mobile

We already know that Sony plans to bring more PlayStation titles to PC after the success of Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn. However, it looks like Sony plans to expand into other platforms as well, starting with mobile.

Undoubtedly, Sony has a massive library of PlayStation IP that the studio could release on other platforms. And finally, after almost 25 years, the studio is ready to act on this idea.

Recently, Sony held a strategy meeting in which the studio confirmed that it wants to bring PlayStation IP to mobile to complement their AAA titles. After being successful on PC, Sony wants to pick up the pace and grab the massive and rapidly growing mobile market.

Over the past few years, mobile gaming has come really far after the success of titles like COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile. That’s the same reason why EA and Ubisoft are expanding to mobile with titles like Battlefield and The Division.

So, it should come as no surprise that Sony also wants to take a slice of the mobile market.

According to Jim Ryan, PlayStation Studios has created “a catalog of diverse first-party IPs over 25 years.” And as reported by the video game analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony now plans to explore the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises.

Jim Ryan confirmed that they want to reach millions of gamers “beyond their platform (PlayStation).” And as per Ryan’s Statement in the meeting, mobile is just “one of the areas” they are exploring.

Obviously, the mobile gaming community is thrilled that they’ll finally get PS titles on mobile. Everyone would love to play titles like Ratchet and Clank and Gran Turismo on their smartphones. However, it’s too soon to say which PlayStation game would be the first to come to mobile.

Besides expanding its reach to mobile, Sony is also focused on extending PlayStation IP to film and TV. We already know that the Uncharted movie and The Last of Us Series are already in production. But it’s safe to assume that Sony doesn’t want to pull breaks just after these two projects.

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Sony, don't do it, very bad idea


Bad idea, that's why Nintendo priorities on handheld gaming and hasn't crossed over to mobile. This won't be good


dear lord mobile is a trash platform for gaming, just bring the damn games to switch instead everyone has at least a switch and or switch lite,
phones arent made for gaming they are made for calling texting youtube/browsing the web, never in my life have i heard of people enjoying gaming on mobile, gaming on mobile is there just as a proof of concept, people only play mobile games for at least an hour waiting for the bus/metro train ubers or on the toilet where its most popular to use your phone.

honestly cant see sony bringing games to a lesser hardware market thats nintnedos job

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