Outriders Teases Potential DLC

It looks like DLC or some sort of expansion content could soon be making its way to Outriders. The latest third-person shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix just released only a few weeks back and it has already been a rousing success for both parties. So much so, in fact, that the team behind the game has started teasing fans that they should expect to see some new content appearing in-game before long.

In a recent message on Twitter, the team behind Outriders informed fans of how the game has been doing since reaching its one-month release milestone. In addition to achieving over 3.5 million players in total, People Can Fly also expressed that the game in its current form absolutely isn't the end. "We are continuing to listen carefully and want to assure you all that we are committed to improving and enhancing your experience throughout the coming weeks and months," the studio said. "We're also looking forward to expanding Outriders in the future," it went on to tease, clearly alluding to the potential of DLC.

Although future content for Outriders definitely seems to be in the cards, it will be more interesting to see how People Can Fly and Square Enix opt to release it. Will it be something that is free to all players, or will it instead arrive in the form of a paid expansion or DLC? In all likelihood, the latter option is what will come about, especially since People Can Fly has said in the past that it already has ideas for "significant" expansion content.

While we wait for that DLC to arrive, however, the current version of Outriders can currently be experienced on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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Oh goody, the DLC is going to have bugs etc too


bold company to flex about numbers when their game is in the dumps at the moment. The newest update didn't even scratch the amount of bugs that the game has. I'm just gonna copy and paste what *some* of the issues that plague the game:

Set bonus on the Borealis set for Technomancer isn't working. Not receiving 90% damage bonus.

Set bonus for Statue set for Devastator isn't working. Damage granted isn't working as described by the set bonus description.

Trickster Cyclone skill bugs out when knocked back as you activate the skill (on another players connection). You then proceed to get stuck when you walk. Only way to move is to dodge roll. Only way to fix is to quit to lobby and reload into the game.

Multiplayer connection is very inconsistent. Yellow and red bar connection. Skills incorrectly show uses left and when skills are usable (says no cooldown but still on cooldown). Please look into dedicated severs or try improve the net code.

Multiplayer high latency compensation and aim assist. I've noticed that when I join people in the US (from South Africa), even if the host connection is good (1 gig connection), the game seems to try assist by giving you aimbot aim assist where your aim locks on to the center of all enemies and stays locked on while you stay zoomed in. While this might be great for builds where critical hits aren't required (ie Trickster shotgun), it is problematic if you are a crit reliant build. You are unable to move you aim to the targets head. The only fix is to disable aim assist entirely.

Crawlers ground attack spam ability. When multiple crawlers (3+) are on the screen and spamming the ground slam ability (with the waves of crystals), the game freezes briefly. This is happening across multiple platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox.

Visibility of Brood Mother attack. Once the brood mother does the large area AoE DoT attack, sometimes you cannot see the area affected and end up running over it and dying if already low health. Bit unfair if you can't see it. Please improve the visibility of this attack.

Sometimes if you complete an Expedition within 1 second of the target time, it still grants you the wrong reward level. For example the time limit for gold on Boom Town is 6:30. If you complete it 6:29 or 6:30 on the dot, it will still only reward you with silver. The reward page will say you went over the timer by 0:00 seconds.

Matchmaking not working as intended. Sometimes when you search for a team doing Expeditions, you are put with a team who are playing the story.

Starting expeditions and voting. This can result in being disconnected from the party leader. Sometimes when the party leader goes to start an expedition, no prompt to vote appears. The expedition begins and the rest of the party is kicked. Also, sometimes a prompt is given and even if the player rejects the vote, they are still sent into the expedition. Sometimes when you choose to delay the vote, the timer doesn't change.

Sometimes when you join a game, it gets stuck on the loading screen at 100%. Only fix is to reload the game (PS5).

Sometimes if your friend disconnects from your game session, they cannot rejoin as it says they are already in their group.

Sometimes when matchmaking at the matchmaking station in game, if you miss the prompt to join the game after it has found a game, it will no longer search for another game until you return to the title screen and reload.

Blighted rounds, lag and ammo back on kill. When on another hosts connection, sometimes even when you see you got the killing shot, the mods that are meant to return ammo to your clip don't proc properly, and can happen multiple times in a row, resulting in you losing your blighted rounds which greatly affect DPS and timed runs. This is probably due to the latency issues/net code/multiplayer connection issues, and your mods aren't registering properly with the hosts server. Haven't had this issue on my own solo session.

Using doors to next area in Expeditions not resetting skill cooldown for other players who didn't interact with the door. Only the person who interacts with the door gets their skill cooldowns reset. This disadvantages the rest of the team, specially players with long cooldowns on skills such as Blighted Rounds. Resetting all player cooldowns would bring greater balance (to the force). I'm pretty sure this is a bug and not intended.

Devastator impale and timers. Not sure if a bug or working as intended. When impaling an enemy, the game should immediately register the enemy as being killed. The time spent waiting for the impale animation to end to proceed to the next area or for an obelisk to resume capturing is wasted. I've put this near my QoL suggestions in case this was intended by the developers. Seems unnecessary to penalize players on time for using a skill.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The bugs they "fixed" this most recent patch didn't even fix the issues. Everything that was a problem still persists.

Tl;dr, Game broke.

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